Like a (blog) virgin

The reticence with which I approach blogging is comparable with getting up on stage in a school play at age 11 and playing Prince Charming in our rendition of Cinderella (a role I would end up playing numerous times as a dad). I only had one line but the fear of no one laughing or enjoying my thespian abilities almost made me crap my pants. Its not the fear of failure but rather the fear of no one being interested – a blight that has paralysed me in many abandoned or aborted attempts in my search for my own 12 seconds of fame (I say 12 seconds because that is the amount of time it takes for the eyes to send a message to the cerebral cortex that in turn activates the bullshit receptor, which, funnily enough, is suppressed when high on marijuana).
Some of you will no doubt be unimpressed with my lack of cool cultural references and phraseology, but this was never intended to a too-cool-for-skool blog, just an honest, politically incorrect forum for me and others to share thoughts and stories and what its like to be a new parent, a passenger on the train of life, or grumpy old person (delete as applicable).
So there it is, my first post on my first blog. I hope that some of you will take the time to read some of this, but I also hope that many of you will contribute to it. As I write this I wonder how many people will be thinking: “Who wants to read this shit – its just about some guy who thinks people want to read his shit.” Perez Hilton it ain’t, but if a 13-year old girl can write about what she ate for lunch at school, then dang!, I think I have more interesting things to talk about (what I ate for lunch for example).


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